Phonebloks before you continue reading about the content of it, please download the given link to help you understand better filevaultscom/file/d6c5779. What if you could buy a smartphone that would last you for the rest of your life. There has been disbelief about the possibility of phonebloks now, motorola is working with phoneblok creator dave hakkens what are the possibilities. Rather than throwing out an entire smartphone when something breaks or you want to upgrade, the phonebloks concept fits together like lego so you can swap pieces out. Videoupgrades, swapping and replacing - phonebloks encourages you to tinker, which is exactly what current smartphone manufacturers don't want you to do i.

Seminar report phonebloks page 1 abstract phonebloks is an innovative idea created by david hakkens from netherlands that uses modular technology in order to b. I'm a guy from the netherlands that likes to make things - machines to recycle plastic - idea for a modular. We hate to open too negatively here, but let's just say that this seems like one of those ideas that's just too good to be true but heck, much stranger. The goal was to reduce e-waste, but do modular phones create more opportunity for disposable fads, fashion and upgrades.

Phonebloks 402,542 likes 136 talking about this a phone worth keeping wwwphoneblokscom. Looking for phonebloks find out information about phonebloks a smartphone built with snap-in building blocks rather than requiring a new phone when only one or two. Watch the second video here: visit the official phonebloks youtube channel:. The latest tweets from phonebloks (@phonebloks): @robcaple92 it's available everywhere in the uk except birmingham brummie accents cause battery/power consumption.


Hi, we are phonebloks we try to change the way how electronics are made in order to create less waste oh, and we love to make videos.

  • Dave hakkens thinks the way people currently buy electronics is inherently wasteful as soon as.
  • I just supported phonebloks on @thunderclapit // @davehakkens.
  • Phonebloks goes online we go online to find a way to make this idea a reality a campaign to make it happen, gathering support and showing companies it’s doable.
  • Ok let’s start of with the main question we get: is the modular phone fucking ready, it takes forever “is the modular phone for sale it’s been over 5 years.

This dilemma presents the crux of hakkens' argument with phonebloks: if tech products are built in such a way so that users could easily and affordably swap out. Posts about phonebloks written by peter parkour share on facebook (opens in new window) click to share on twitter (opens in new window. Welcome to the phonebloks blog here you can find the latest development for modular electronics for more information get involved: https. The entire phonebloks system is made of detachable 'bloks' which connect to a base, locking everything together into a solid phone. Project ara news by giulio minotti paul eremenko recently announced interesting news on project ara the most significant concerns its market launch in early 2015. This plan to end smartphone obsolescence with lego-like block components is mindboggling.

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